Public services and the good society

thumbnail of Manifesto public services and the good society 2016This is UNISON Scotland’s manifesto for the 2016 Scottish Parliament elections. It calls on everyone in Scotland to vote for who they think is most likely to invest in public services.

UNISON manifesto says that investing in public services essential if we are to build a sustainable economy and a decent society.

We must defend the principles which underlie public services. To build the better Scotland we all want we must invest in public services but also make them more accountable and responsive to our individual needs.

UNISON is calling for, an immediate end to the council tax freeze, a reformed progressive property tax and councils should be able to raise more of its own funding; properly funded procurement policies so the third sector is not viewed as a cheap alternative to health and local government funding; stop cutting the support for learning and administration in schools which simply burdens on other staff; a balanced police workforce and an end to the arbitary political pledge on police number; water to remain publicly owned to stop the gradual privatisation of the service; strengthen the voice of the service users and staff in the design of health services.

When launching this manifesto Lilian Macer, UNISON Scotland convenor, said, ‘Public services are an expression of all that is good whether that is the joint decision making, expression of a community, solidarity between people and generations, and the idea that we all have a mutual obligation towards each other.

Public services are not optional they are essential to a civilised society. They hold our society together and make our lives healthier safer, cleaner, more secure, and fun. If we believe in a more equal society we must invest in public services and those who deliver them.’