Defend Catalan Democracy: National Demonstration 14 April

Defend Catalan DemocracyUNISON Scotland is backing this demonstration on Saturday 14 April at 1pm at the Buchanan Street Steps, Glasgow. The union signed the statement below. More details at

“We, the undersigned, recognise the fundamental and inalienable rights of all peoples across the world to self-determination and condemn in the strongest possible terms the authoritarian actions of the Spanish state in oppressing Catalan democracy.

“Many of the rights we enjoy today were secured through the collective solidarity of people and organisations across the world. We offer that solidarity today and tomorrow.

“We call on the people, parties and governments here in Scotland and abroad to show that same solidarity. Not to reflect their support for independence, but to protect the principles of democracy against authoritarianism. With arrest warrants executed in Scotland and elsewhere in Europe, the protection of human rights is firmly in the hands of civic society across the continent.

“Catalan leaders forced into exile must not be extradited to Spain, where we question whether they would receive a fair trial given the ongoing criminalisation of dissent.

“We also condemn the state violence carried out by police in Catalonia against innocent civilians. The rights that underpin our society must not be trampled on. The time for action is now.”

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