Scotland’s National Care Service Bill – social work webinar

The proposals by Scottish Government for a National Care Service are heading towards the Bill’s first reading in March. UNISON and others are calling for a pause in the process to give time for more consultation and consideration. At this stage details are very unclear – will local government staff in social work and social care have to transfer to a new national employer? Will children and justice services be included? The webinar may not have answers to these important issues, but discusses some of the possible implications and help gear staff up for future challenges.

UNISON is in support of the creation of a National Care Service, but want it to be worthy of the name and truly created by those who work in social work and social care, and who receive services, as well as properly resourced. The current proposals in the Bill, and method being used to establish the NCS by Scottish Government, fall short of our aspirations.

Watch our full webinar with speakers including Simon Watson, UNISON Pension Officer, Kathy Jenkins from Common Weal Care Reform Working Group, and a speaker from Social Work Scotland – the organisation of social work leaders in Scotland.