STUC 2023 – Additional support needs additional support

Congress backed calls for more resourcing for pupils in Scotland’s schools who have additional support needs.

It has been established that some 34% of pupils in Scotland require  some form of additional support.  The argument was made  that ASN support, requires further investment with increased staffing and resources for pupils to receive the support and services they should have and need.


The call was made for increased funding and long-term planning with local government to increase ASN support to pupils. This will need to involve increasing the professional support given to classroom teachers and pupil support staff involved in teaching pupils with ASN.

Stirling UNISON’s Lorraine Thompson seconded the motion saying:

“Even when schools are prioritised, they are still forced to ration support for children with additional needs. Because they have been starved of funding for over a decade.

Staff in education support roles are on the frontline supporting children with additional needs – ASN workers, classroom assistants, family support workers, home-school link workers. Our members are only too well aware of this dire situation. 

Cuts to school budgets and salami-slicing of staffing mean there are several thousand fewer education support staff across Scotland.  These cuts have hit hardest on pupils with additional learning needs. It means children whose parents are not able to advocate for them have their needs overlooked, worsening inequality. “

In making the case for the demand for better Scottish Government funding Lorraine went on to cite the Morgan Review.

“Resource constraints underpin decisions about placing children in special education…due to the impact of austerity on public services and the underfunding of local government. 

The motion passed overwhelmingly