STUC 2023 – Value Scottish workers with better pay

Congress recognised the pressures that years of austerity and the cost of living crisis has had on workers, exacerbated by derisory pay offers and commended those workers who have taken action for better pay.

It backed a demand for the Scottish Government to develop a national public sector pay strategy, in cooperation with trade unions, that will value Scottish workers.

Supporting the motion, UNISON’s Jim McFarlane said, “We live in a time when there have never been more billionaires in this country and across the world.

“Victor Hugo was right years ago when he said “The paradise of the rich is made out of the hell of the poor””

“Food, fuel, energy and housing costs are still rocketing for most people. The wholesale gas price has plummeted yet our energy bills are going up. All this while the profits for the energy companies have never been higher,” slammed Jim.

“Big business are raking in bumper profits, 89% higher than before the pandemic. Our members are more deserving than greedy shareholders,” he said, pointing to how unions won significant concessions from employers and govt when we organised, campaigned and built industrial action.

“Our members are more deserving than greedy shareholders,” said Jim.

“I am tired of being told that care workers being paid £10.90 an hour is something to boast about by the government and employers.

“It is a disgrace that care jobs are so undervalued given the vital skills needed to do that job in really demanding circumstances. It is not a coincidence that this is an overwhelmingly female workforce.

“There should be no place for private companies to make profits from care services”.