STUC drive to improve equality

Priscilla Maramba STUC 2015“Ensuring that an organisation reflects the community which it serves is clear proof of its commitment to equality and inclusion,” UNISON’s Priscilla Maramba told delegates, as they backed a CWU motion calling for a review of trade union activists and officials and action to ensure they are reflective of proportionality.

Priscilla added that the greater the equality of representation, the stronger, more organised and more inclusive unions will be. “It will also eliminate or reduce the “us” and “them” attitudes from those who feel unrepresented within the structures. In addition it’s the most sensible and right thing to do.”

Priscilla also welcomed proportionality for all elected positions as a method of increasing participation and representation. Policies and procedures, although good, were only a means to an end – “the end being when we start counting the actual numbers of disadvantaged groups within our structures.

“When the numbers begin to add up then we can say with a clear conscience that we are inclusive unions,” said Priscilla.

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