STUC will campaign to end the public sector pay cap

Mark Ferguson
Mark Ferguson

#stuc2017 Congress slammed the Scottish Government’s failure to use devolved powers over public sector pay policy to protect their own workforce from Tory austerity cuts.

The STUC will mount a high profile campaign across affiliates in the public sector to end the1% public sector pay cap, including a public sector seminar to explore a co-ordinated pay strategy and to actively support and co-ordinate strike action across the trade union movement.

Supporting the PCS motion, UNISON’s Mark Ferguson told delegates that Public Sector workers have already paid a high enough price for austerity, with hundreds of thousands of jobs lost, cuts to services, increases in stress related illnesses, pay freezes and the pay cap.

“I wonder what reaction the Tory Government would have if WE could impose caps on things such as bankers earnings or the profits made from public sector contracts, or an even better one, MP’s Salaries – given that most of them took 11%,” asked Mark.

He echoed criticisms of the Scottish Government saying they “should also hang their heads in shame for adopting and implementing the same UK cap on pay. Another example of where they have the powers to make a difference but choose not to.”

Next week UNISON Scotland will for industrial action ballot almost 80,000 local government workers across all occupations, following a 78% rejection of the employers’ “miserable pay insult.”

Mark added, “ The President, General Secretary, Jeremy Corbyn  and  Ken Loach,  have all `made very emotive speeches this week and had one common theme – that we need to show leadership to our members in order to provide them with the confidence to stand up, agitate and work together if we are to improve the lives of the working class.

“Let’s do it,” urged Mark.

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