UNISON celebrates historic month of growth

UNISON celebrates historic month of growthMore people joined UNISON in November than in any single month in the union’s 25 year history, figures released on 6 December show.

Over 18,000 people joined the UK’s biggest union last month, during a month-long recruitment and retention drive that saw the whole union – at branch, regional and national level – work together.

General secretary Dave Prentis said: “Over the past month, our whole union has come together and delivered something special.

“During November, we recruited over 18,000 new members, making it the best recruiting month in UNISON’s 25-year history.

“But more than that, we achieved growth, with every single region and service group increasing in size over the month.

“With every part of our union, from branches and regions to the national centre, pulling together, this really was UNISON at its best.”

UNISON is now poised to show annual membership growth for the first time in 10 years, despite continuing austerity, the Trade Union Act and job losses in the public sector.

“That’s an incredible achievement,” added Mr Prentis.

Activities during November (dubbed ‘Grovember’ across the union) included a national, recruit-a-friend competition, money off deals for existing and new members and the launch of EasyJoiner, a digital tool which gives UNSION activists a quick and easy way to get members to join online.

And across the country, union branches and activists went out into workplaces, talking to potential recruits and thanking existing members for being in UNISON, while all the union’s 12 regions put in place detailed plans for organising and other staff to concentrate on targeted workplaces.

This included a dedicated ‘walk and talk’ week when reps made a point of going round and signing up new members.

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