UNISON Labour Link congratulates new Scottish Labour leader

UNISON Labour Link congratulates Anas Sarwar on his election as Scottish Labour leader. The union also thanked Monica Lennon for running a strong campaign raising important issues.

Gordon McKay, chair of UNISON’s Labour Link, said: “We look forward to continuing to work with Anas. During the leadership election Anas said to us:

‘UNISON’s ‘No Going Back to Normal’ campaign underscores why we cannot return to how things were. Key workers and public services cannot face the same austerity and underfunding they have for the last ten years. If elected Leader of Scottish Labour, I will stand up for key workers, and fight for the pay rise that we all owe to those who kept our country running.’

“This shows Anas understands the importance of public service workers and the services they provide. We need investment in public services and that includes significant pay rises to ort members. Anas will have UNISON Labour Link’s full support as he takes these issues and the Labour Party in to the forthcoming elections.”