Member learning course: Green and environmental issues

UNISON has secured Scottish Union Learning Funding to run a member learning course on green and environmental issues. With the COP 26 Climate Change Conference coming to Glasgow it’s a great time for members and activists to engage in these issues

When: The course will run via the Zoom online platform over 8 consecutive Wednesdays from the 17th of March onwards (it will be possible to miss a session or two and catch up via written materials).

The sessions will run from 6pm to 8pm and be delivered by a tutor from the Workers Educational Association (WEA), as well as guest speakers and will be interactive with lots of discussion and debate.

Register: To register for the course you should return this course application form to by the 10th of March.

This course will:

1) Study the origin of environmental problems, raise awareness of green issues worldwide and on a local level.

2) Examine climate change what is it and how did it happen. Habitat loss and the reasons for it.

3) Investigate how environmental problems affect the average person in Britain and impacts on the natural world.

4) Introduce what individuals can realistically do to improve the situation.

5) Examine what environmental groups/organisations exist and who’s doing what – from Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth through to Extinction Rebellion.

6) Explore how human rights and poverty are Green Issues.

8) Look at the upcoming COP 26 UN Climate Change Conference which is scheduled to take place in November in Glasgow and how we can try to influence/lobby the participants.

7) Explore the connection with nature and its benefit to families, individuals and communities including physical and mental health.