Conference 2023 : Resisting the assault on our fundamental rights

This UK government has launched a sustained volley of attacks on our basic freedoms at break-neck speed and in such volume that even very basic levels of appropriate scrutiny and challenge is almost impossible. They have defied legal norms of parliamentary process and sunk to new levels to force through their proposals.


Police Crime Sentencing, and Courts Act 2022, The Public Orders Bill and the Elections Act 2022 are just the tip of the iceberg as the Tories attempt to tear into our hard won rights.


Conference overwhelmingly backed a call from South West Region to challenge and resist this onslaught.


Marie Sheppard, Further Education Branch, and a first time speaker said, “Colleges in Scotland are in crisis following years of rogue mismanagement.


“My college, the biggest in Scotland, is currently cutting staff with no consultation process, whilst paying themselves a salary of over £200,000, awarding themselves a personal chef, chauffeur and numerous trips around the world.


“They continue to mirror how the Tories are running the country. No one in the government including the Scottish government is looking at the Tories to see how low the bar is, to keep them in check.”



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