5. Quarterly Billing

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With this system fuel is used and paid for later – in other words the fuel is supplied on credit.

Quarterly billing allows consumers to pay for fuel after every 3 months. A bill is sent for the fuel which has been used, or is estimated to have been used during the period that has just elapsed. This bill must be paid promptly.

A wide variety of payment options are available, including cheque and Switch/debit card.


  • The customer only has to think about bills when they arrive
  • Always have access to fuel, assuming that the bills are paid
  • Only pay for fuel after it has been used


  • It may be difficult to budget because of the large difference in winter and summer bills
  • Problems can arise with estimated bills if the meter is not read

Things to bear in mind:

  • It is important to make sure that fuel bills are based on actual, rather than estimated, meter readings to ensure that the consumer is paying enough to cover their ongoing usage
  • Be aware that the price is usually higher with quarterly bills than with direct debit

This payment method suits

  • Households whose income is regular and stable and which easily accommodates fluctuating bills