Campaign to end VAT on food for guide dogs

Kathleen Kennedy
Kathleen Kennedy

#stuc2017 The STUC will campaign to extend the VAT exemption on ‘working’ dog food to guide dogs for the blind and other assistance dogs.

Delegates were astonished to hear that affluent  owners of racing greyhounds, sheep dogs and gun dogs get the exemption for ‘working dogs’ but guide dogs do not qualify.

Supporting the motion from the STUC Disabled Members Conference, UNISON’s Kathleen Kennedy, said: “UNISON welcomes and supports this motion as it is just another tax or an attack on disabled people.

“Racing dogs, sheepdogs, gun dogs, are a luxury (a bit like chocolate) but yet they are exempt from VAT!

“Guide dogs and other assistance dogs ARE recognised as working dogs and you would expect them to be non-VAT. Well that would be too logical.

“I see examples of this in my day to day job. I pay school mainstream transport invoices which are non-vatable, but you guessed it – special needs and social transport are vatable!

“So this just another tax on people with disabilities!” slammed Kathleen.

“We really urge the STUC council to get behind this motion and lobby both the UK government and Scottish government to make all working dogs food exempt from VAT.

“UNISON supports this motion and congratulates the Disabled Workers Conference for bringing such an important motion forward. Please support.”

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