STUC backs “radical action” to tackle housing crisis

Kim McLachlan
Kim McLachlan

#stuc2017 The STUC will join forces with housing campaigns and charities to press the Scottish Government to act on the housing crisis, because as speaker after speaker reminded us, this is not about housing, this is about people.

UNISON’s Kim McLachlan, Chair of the National Housing Association Committee echoed this as she called for a strengthening of the rights of private tenants by reducing the grounds on which landlords can evict.

She told delegates that one of the most devastating and notorious reasons for eviction has been and will be the impact of welfare reform. She particularly highlighted the impact of the benefits cap reduced from £26,000 to £20,000 on 7th November last year.

“Family households with more than three children in private accommodation, social housing or in temporary accommodation will be the hardest hit,” warned Kim, “With most affected living in the private sector.

“The financial impact on individual households is significant and for some, catastrophic.” Kim spoke about the families with children that she has come across in her work who will have shortfalls of between £101 and £188 per week.

“No one could manage with benefit cuts like that,” she slammed.

The private rented sector tenants have been identified as the most at risk group in terms of evictions and homelessness, as unlike social housing it has no support services or social ethos, warned Kim, calling on action to address this injustice.

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