Conference 2023: Health Inequalities

#undc23 Health inequalities in the UK have intensified as a result of government austerity and disproportionately affect the poorest and already most marginalised.

That was the stark warning from Yorkshire and Humberside’s motion and the LGBT+ Committee’s amendment as conference backed their call to campaign to end health inequalities, against austerity and for proper investment in public services.

Supporting the motion, North Ayrshire’s Louise McDaid, condemned the rise in gambling forums online and told delegates that “within North Ayrshire, we have more bookies in the most deprived areas.”

She spoke powerfully about personal family experience of gambling and the harm it can do, including an increase in suicide.

“Unfortunately a couple of young men locally have committed suicide with gambling playing its part.

“Yet Scotland doesn’t record figures related to gambling harm, including suicide, therefore no money is provided to Integrated Joint Boards for this,” said Louise, pointing out that England/Wales do record figures, with over 500 suicides a year specifically related to gambling.

She welcomed that North Ayrshire is the first council in Scotland to sign up to the TUC Gambling Charter and put in place policies and procedures to support our members.

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