Conference 2023: Voter ID is vote suppression

There is deep concern at the changes in the law surrounding the requirement for mandatory voter ID at all general and by-elections in the UK and many other elections in England and Wales as part of the Elections Act passed in April last year.


Conference warned that Voter ID, will amount to voter suppression and stands to disenfranchise millions, particularly already disenfranchised groups in society. It pledged to work with other campaigners to have it reversed.


The UK Electoral Reform Society have actively campaigned against the need for this change and have stated that:


“The UK does not have a problem with voter fraud and currently people have high confidence in voting. Adding a major barrier to democratic engagement off the back of so few proven cases would be a sledgehammer to crack a nut.”


Brenda Aitchison Renfrewshire Branch supported the composite motion, saying, “We gave our votes to politicians, many not always telling the truth, acting in a way where they had to resign. We can start a new chapter with the general election coming in 2024.”


She reminded delegates, “Jacob Rees Mogg let the cat out of the bag when he spoke about voter ID and Gerrymandering, with more to come in early 2024, with overseas voters having the 15 year rule removed, enabling votes for life. British citizens living overseas can register to vote in parliamentary elections. 


“We must develop and resource a campaign to raise awareness of these changes, to ensure no voter is left behind or excluded from the democratic process. We need to get the vote out to bring greater economic and social equality to create a place of warmth and magic where our people thrive.”


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