Further Education campaign leaflet Sep 2016

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In 2015, every single support worker and every single lecturer received a £400 pay increase. Yet in 2016, college bosses have decided one group of staff should get £450, another £400 and yet another £230.

You play a vital role in Scotland’s colleges and you deserve fair and equal treatment. You are not a second-class citizen and should not be treated as such.

UNISON will only accept fairness and justice for all. Join our campaign today and stand up for fair pay

UNISON members in twenty colleges from Stornoway to Stranraer are fighting for fair pay. Additional needs assistants, librarians, technicians, finance staff, estates staff, caterers, cleaners and others have all united to demand fair and equal treatment for the vital role they play in Scotland’s colleges.

Despite the massive re-organisation of the further education sector, support staff have kept the colleges running, the students enrolling, the classes and IT systems fit for purpose. They have as close a relationship with college students as managers and lecturers and contribute hugely to the quality of student experience.

UNISON has taken the plight of FE support staff to the highest levels of politics and our survey – Learning the Hard Way – has featured in First Minister’s questions. And UNISON will continue to fight for fair pay for FE support staff.

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Case study – Additional needs assistant
“Is my role seen as second-class by college management? As an additional needs assistant I work with young learners who have a learning difficulty.

“This can involve intimate personal care as well as drug delivery, for example for diabetes. The learning difficulties cover a wide spectrum of disorders due to autism, Down’s syndrome, cerebral palsy and many others. One day is given over to running a community cafe, this gives them a valuable experience of a working environment where teamwork and helping each other work to their strengths is required. Some of my time is spent driving a mini-bus for the students to learn about the area in which they live and visiting places of interest. Those students in their second and third year will be helped to become independent travellers on local public transport. All necessary skills for independent living.

“Am I not worth a pay rise of £450, the same as a college lecturer?”
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