International Women’s Day message from Scottish regional secretary,Tracey Dalling

Tracey Dalling welcomes all our visitors to International Women’s Day event in Glasgow.  UNISON is the UK’s largest women’s organisation and we are celebrating the contribution women make to public services, unions and building a better world.

For those who can make it there is still time to book a ticket for tonight’s celebration event at the Old Fruit Market in Glasgow. Join us, for an evening of music and entertainment.

Tracey says: “International Women’s Day 2023 is our opportunity to celebrate and reflect on the vital contributions that women in our union make. Care workers, librarians, health workers, cleaners, school workers, and administrators are more likely to be women and are the core of what keeps our public services going. Their work is often undervalued and underpaid, but UNISON knows their true value.

“Women have always been central to trade unions and the fight for a better society. This year UNISON has secured some of the biggest pay rises for a mostly women’s workforce since devolution, we have finally settled the equal pay dispute in Glasgow, and women continue to join UNISON in their thousands. I want to make sure that women’s voices are heard at every level and we can all play our part in making it happen.”