Listen to the people and keep public services in public hands, says UNISON

Date: Fri 19 September 2014

A key issue in this independence referendum has been the future of public services.

People in Scotland have made it clear they want more not less investment in public services. They have also made it clear they reject privatisation and want to keep public services public.

Mike Kirby, UNISON’s Scottish secretary said,

‘This has been an historic referendum with extraordinary levels of political engagement. The future of public services has been central to the debate across the media, local communities and families in Scotland. And it has been weighing on the minds of most as they cast their vote in the referendum.

The people have been absolutely clear that they value public services. They reject privatisation, want investment not cuts in public services, and demand that public services remain in public hands. UNISON will continue to work together with other trade unions, civic society and politicians of all parties to meet these aspirations.’