UNISON Conference 2015

Conference reports from a Scotland perspective and where Scotland delegates are particularly involved are posted here throughout the week. For other reports see the UK pages.

 Scotland at Glasgow Conference 2015

Davena Rankin

Equality reps key to fairness at work and must have facility time

UNISON will put equalities at the heart of its bargaining agenda and will campaign with the TUC and through Labour ...
Jane Carolan

We don’t have the luxury of resting. Deep Breath, Heads Down, UNISON, charge!

UNISON vowed to defend quality public services and the public sector workers, to defend trade union rights and to encourage ...
Robert O'Donnell

Conference Stands With Rab

Conference rose to applaud sacked SECC UNISON rep Robert O'Donnell as he was invited to address Conference. Another emotional standing ...
Homes for people not profit

Homes for people not profit

There is a massive housing crisis across the UK as a result of Government policies. Too little social housing is ...
Kate Ramsden

Social care staff need UNISON – and some good news from Scotland

Speakers Kate Ramsden and Naomi Junnor: Conference showed just why social work and social care workers need UNISON as it ...
Stephen Smellie

Keep up support and solidarity with Palestine

UNISON reaffirmed its support for the Palestinian people and for a free Palestinian state and will step up our contribution ...
Confront the Tory lie on services

Confront the Tory lie on services

UNISON will up its fight for to keep public services public - publicly owned, democratically accountable and delivered by the ...
Lilian Macer

Fighting for justice for Bhopal

UNISON vowed to put pressure on UK, Indian and US governments to get justice for Bhopal, and to get the ...