NHS Scotland Pension Contributions 2022

thumbnail of NHS Scotland Pension Contributions 2022UNISON will be consulting with members this summer about proposed changes their pension contributions. The NHS Pensions Scheme (Scotland) Scheme Advisory Board (SAB) will publish proposals soon on member contributions from 2022. SAB is not a negotiating body and will provide advice to the Scottish government. The government will make the decision on contributions.  UNISON will arrange virtual members’ meeting this summer to discuss the issues raised.

Pension discussion can seem complex so please come along to make sure you are fully informed about the proposals. You can then decide and share your priorities with us. You will also be able to ask questions to ensure they understand the proposals. Click on the briefing for more detail on the pension scheme issues.

Further details of these events will be shared by branches when the proposals are published.  Make sure your contact details and permissions are up to date so that you do not miss any communications from your branch. Click here for ways to check and update your information. Details of events will also be shared on branch and UNISON Scotland websites and social media.