Recognise, respect and reward council workers

#STUC22 Congress condemned COSLA’s derisory pay offer to council staff which does not address the issue of low pay despite over half of council workers earning less than £25k a year.

It heard that the Joint unions are moving to ballot for strike action and pledged full support for council workers and their unions. The STUC will urge the Scottish Government to fully fund inflation proof pay rises for council workers and will call on election candidates to do likewise.

Congress backed UNISON’s emergency motion moved by Mark Ferguson, Chair of Scottish Local Government. He told delegates that Scottish Local Government has seen up to £6bn cut from its funding allocation, been subjected to imposed ring-fencing and Scottish Government un-welcome interference – contrary to Local Democratic Accountability, Community Empowerment and Localism.

“The Scottish Government set out their derisory Scottish Public Pay Policy this year. It is pitiful – they failed to provide enough funding to cover a decent pay rise for council workers,” slammed Mark.

He highlighted the key role of workers in councils throughout the pandemic, without whom essential services could not have continued.

“COSLA will not get of the hook,” promised Mark. Our trade unions and members have made that clear to all Scottish council candidates.

“We expect them to “Recognise, Respect and Reward” our hard working council workers.

“We all know our members and their families are struggling – paying the price for the failed capitalist system,” said Mark, urging delegates not just to support the motion but to make sure they only vote for candidates on May 5th who will stand up for and protect public community services and pay workers fairly.