Sitting still is not an option on trans equality

Brenda Massie
Brenda Massie

Trans equality must have a higher priority in councils and other workplaces, as studies show a high level of trans bullying alongside a lack of knowledge and information about trans equality.

Local Government Conference backed a range of measures to promote trans equality and UNISON’s trans equality guide and model policy, and to urge councils and other employers to adopt a trans equality policy.

The title of the motion was “Trans equality is everyone’s concern,” and in supporting it, first time speaker, Aberdeen City’s Brenda Massie told delegates that everyone deserves the right to work without fear, harassment or discrimination.

She added, “I’m no expert, but with the guidance and resources produced by UNISON I can be a good trans ally.”

She warned that sitting still is not an option on this issue and we must work with employers to review, and where necessary improve policies to ensure an inclusive environment for all.

She added that her employer is a Stonewall champion, which was great “but that’s not the end, it’s just the beginning of the process.

“There is lots more to be done, and I believe that with UNISON’s help, we can involve our members to make that vital change.”

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