Solidarity with Northern Ireland colleagues

Lilian Macer, UNISON Scotland’s secretary, sends solidarity to UNISON Northern Ireland who embark on industrial action today in what the media are calling the biggest walk out in the region for years. 

“UNISON members will join many thousands of workers from 16 unions as part of the mass walk-out.

It is disheartening to hear that public services workers across Northern Ireland must take to the picket lines to demand decent public services and adequate pay. But their decision to stand together in the face of ongoing challenges shows the strength of being in UNISON.

The fact that public service workers have had a decade of pay cuts and live with the impact of rising inflation means we all must demand fair recognition for the vital contributions of public service workers to broader society.

The commitment of UNISON members in Northern Ireland serve as an inspiration. We know they have extra political problems. That’s why I want our colleagues in Northern Ireland to know that UNISON Scotland stands firmly with them in their quest for improved public services, fair wages, and improved working conditions.

Northern Ireland’s cause is our cause and their mass walk out will not only resonate in Northern Ireland but across our trade union.

United we can strive towards a better future where the contributions of public sector workers are valued and properly rewarded.

Hard working public services workers in Northern Ireland who are taking action today have UNISON Scotland’s complete support.

In solidarity, Lilian Macer”