UNISON at the STUC, council cuts, disability rights, fair work in health and social care

First up at the STUC Congress in Dundee on Monday morning (15 April) is a composite that includes a celebration of the Glasgow equal pay campaign and a call for more national bargaining and strategies to build on organising and winning fair work in Scotland.

The main presentation and debate on the equal pay campaign will follow on Tuesday morning with a call for a review of public sector pay schemes, to ensure that they genuinely support equal pay

Later on Monday, UNISON Scotland will push for measures to tackle the disability employment gap, such as adapted interviews, ensuring disabled job seekers are aware of rights and promoting the importance of disclosure.

On Monday afternoon UNISON will look to amend an EIS motion to ensure statutory provision of all the staff needed to identify and support children with additional support needs.

Monday will also see a debate on violence in the workplace which references a survey by EIS and UNISON in Edinburgh last year that showed that the number of violent incidents against staff in schools had doubled in recent years.

UNISON is part of a composite on Tuesday morning calling on the Scottish Government to use existing powers – as well as exploring new powers – to reverse local government cuts that are hitting jobs and services.

On Tuesday afternoon UNISON will call for measures to extend fair work principles in health and social care, oppose privatisation and urge public bodies to sign up to UNISON’s Ethical Care Charter.

Wednesday morning will see a UNISON amendment to the STUC Black Workers’ motion on Global Warming, seeking to add the Just Transition principles promoted by UNISON.

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