UNISON members enjoy success in term-time dispute

Date: Wednesday 25 September 2013

Around 400 UNISON members based in Inverclyde Schools and Nurseries will receive compensation following an agreement between UNISON and Inverclyde Council to change their pay calculator.

At a meeting of the Council’s Policy & Resources committee yesterday, Councillors agreed to the introduction of a new term-time pay calculator from 1st January next year. This brings to an end a long-running dispute between UNISON and the Council on the issue of term-time pay. UNISON has said that they are satisfied with the decision reached by Councillors and look forward to their members receiving a just settlement.

Robin Taggart, UNISON Branch Secretary, said:

“We have been talking to the Council about this issue for nearly 18 months and to be fair they accepted that there was a case for change some time ago. There was however a range of legal and technical issues that needed to be resolved before we could reach an agreement on a changed pay calculator. The effect of this change is that term-time employees will receive an increase of between 1.5 and 2% in their salaries from January. Our members will also receive a compensation payment as part of a collective agreement between UNISON and the Council. Against a background of two years pay freeze and a less than generous 1% pay award for this year, this will be welcome news for our term-time members who are amongst the lowest paid in the Council.”

Term-time pay is calculated as a percentage of a normal full-time wage and includes a component for holidays which all employees, including term-time employees, have a statutory entitlement to. UNISON claimed that the existing calculator used by the Council contained a denominator which breached pro-rata principles as well as Part-time workers regulations. The current calculator came into effect in August 2008 at the time the Council implemented the Single Status Agreement.

Robin Taggart added:

“The Council’s current term-time formula is complicated and overly technical. It has been a constant source of complaint amongst UNISON members that they cannot understand how their pay is calculated. It was one of our term-time members that managed to identify the flaw and bring it to our attention. It is my view that the new calculator is clearer and less ambiguous as well as delivering the right pay for our members. I am also of the view that this agreement offers a pragmatic solution to what might otherwise have been a protracted legal process”


For further information please contact:

Robin Taggart, Branch Secretary, UNISON Inverclyde – 01475 715898 (o), 07803933047 (m)
Simon Macfarlane, Regional Organiser – Tel: 0141 342 2841.