UNISON wins fair pay for ambulance staff in Scotland

UNISON has welcomed the salary re-banding for ambulance paramedics and technicians in Scotland as a positive move for the future of the ambulance service in Scotland.

Almost 2,600 clinicians will be moving to higher pay bands with updated job descriptions that better reflect the changing nature of modern technicians and paramedic jobs.

UNISON agreed new job descriptions with the employers before going through an independent evaluation process which resulted in banding increases.

Stevie Gilroy, UNISON branch secretary, said “UNISON is proud to represent paramedics and technicians, as a paramedic myself I know how hard the job is, as pressures on us increase. So this recognition is greatly welcome.  It goes without saying that ambulance staff play a crucial role in the emergency treatment of patients and the skills and knowledge required to do the job has increased.  This agreement ensures ambulance staff are properly rewarded for the job they do, it reflects the changing nature of the job and helps to ensure it is a profession people want to join”

Liam Boylan, UNISON branch chair, said “this can only been seen is a positive move and will help all our joint discussions to continues to modernise the service. However we should not forget that staff are just part of what is required continued investment in equipment and vehicles is essential, as is indeed efficient working process. UNISON has led three years of negotiations at both a national local level to get the recognition both ambulance paramedics and technicians deserve. We have only been able to achieve what he have by the unions working together with employers as positively and constructively as we can.”

Notes for editor

  1. UNISON is the public service union for the UK. It is the biggest trade union in the UK and Scotland and the biggest trade union representing ambulance paramedics and technicians
  2. In the coming weeks, 1,335 Technicians will move from Band 4 to Band 5, and 1,259 Paramedics will move from Band 5, starting salary £22,440, to Band 6, starting salary £26,830. The re-banding will be backdated to Saturday 31 December 2016.

UNISON Contacts

David O’Connor, regional organiser: 0795 8121 861

Stevie Gilroy, branch secretary: 0788 1356 392