Implement NHS pay deal now says UNISON Scotland

For Immediate Use

UNISON has today written to the Cabinet Secretary for Health insisting that the 2022/23 pay deal is implemented without delay after the majority of unions, representing the majority of NHS Scotland workers indicated that their members had voted to accept the Scottish Governments final offer on pay.

UNISON is also calling on Government to take measures to implement an advance on accrued back pay in the January salaries.

Chair of the UNISON Scotland Health Committee, Wilma Brown said,

“Whilst we will stand in solidarity with colleagues who are in dispute over pay, the majority of unions, representing the majority of staff have spoken and accepted the Government’s final offer on pay. The Scottish Government now needs to proceed at haste and get this pay rise and back pay into the pockets of hard working NHS staff without further delay.”

The union is calling on the Scottish Government to ensure that all staff receive the cost of living increase in their January salaries.

Wilma added,

“UNISON members and NHS staff have waited long enough for their annual cost of living increase, Government should move heaven and earth to make sure that they see it in the January salary run.”

Looking forward Ms Brown said,

“This pay deal is not just about money, it also commits to talks on future pay without delay. The Scottish Government need to recognise that registered and managerial members feel left behind on pay and bring forward proposals to that show these members that their skills, commitment and training are truly valued by this government.”

Commenting on the possibility of talks with other unions to avert strikes, Matt McLaughlin, UNISON Scotland’s Lead officer for Health  Matt McLaughlin said,

“Of course, there needs to be talks between government and unions who remain in dispute over pay, UNISON stands with our sister unions in that regard, and we wish them the best of luck. However, we have been clear with government that should any ‘new’ money or proposals be tabled, they need to be agreed within the national negotiating machinery that already exists, that machinery includes UNISON and other unions who have accepted the deal.”