OVO jobs update from Gillian Bannatyne, lead negotiator for energy

This short video from Gillian Bannatyne – UNISON’s lead negotiator for energy – updates our members on some significant news about the threatened job losses.

Gillian Bannatyne, lead negotiator for energy said: “Ovo have agreed to match more jobs –these include team managers and site managers to the tribe lead and squad lead roles. This is a significant breakthrough.

There will be a selection process for customer service managers and coaches who have shown interest in the new roles.

It means more of the workforce can apply – through a fair selection process – to be considered for the new roles. There will be full training for all new roles and our members will have 4 weeks to decide if the new role is for them. It means we keep more highly skilled people in the workforce.

I just want to reassure UNISON members that we continue to listen to them, our surgeries have been very well attended, please continue to speak with your steward, and we will continue to consult with you.

We are taking your views to managers at the negotiating table and this latest breakthrough shows we are having meaningful discussions with them. We obviously have a long way to go but it’s important to keep everyone updated as soon as possible”