School mainstreaming needs resources

Carol Ball
Carol Ball

#STUC16 Cuts in specialist and support services means ‘mainstreaming’ the schooling of children with particular needs has become the ‘do-nothing’ option, the STUC was told today.

A motion from SSTA called for the STUC to “highlight the negative impact of skewed Government priorities, and to press for immediate action to reverse the impact of years of neglect of the needs of our most vulnerable children and young people.”

UNISON’s Carol Ball, seconding the motion, said: “Developing inclusion should involve learners, professionals, partners, parents, carers and the wider community with individual or coordinated support plans in place. This is what should happen!”

In reality Getting It Right For Every Child becomes increasingly impossible when the resources are not available.

Incidents of violence have increased due to a lack of forward planning and staff training to support these children’s additional needs.

Carol said: “Most authorities have sound policies on supporting inclusion but in reality these are not fully implemented.

“If the government is serious about reducing the attainment gap, if they want a first class education system, then they must provide the additional resources to fully support all out children taking account of their individual level of need.

“Then we really would be Getting It Right For Every Child.”

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