‘Scotland’s national care service bill must be withdrawn’, UNISON’s Scottish Secretary to tell Parliament

UNISON’s Scottish Secretary, Tracey Dalling, will be giving evidence to the Scottish Parliament today (Tuesday) and calling for the National Care Service (Scotland) Bill to be withdrawn.

UNISON, Scotland’s largest trade union, supports the idea of a National Care Service but says the Bill the Scottish government is proposing is not fit-for-purpose. The union has criticised the Bill for leaving profit at the heart of care provision and increasing insecurity among the workforce.

Tracey Dalling will tell the committees: “The National Care Service that is being proposed is not a valid or effective response to the care crisis; nor is it a route to high quality social care.

“The National Care Service (Scotland) Bill leaves profit at the very heart of care provision as well as creating an insecure workforce. Councils will see up to a third of their budget transferred to the Scottish government’s new quangos – a move that places 75,000 key workers’ pay and pensions at risk.

“Staff like social workers will see their services put out to tender so they will have no idea who their employer is going to be as they anxiously wait to find out who wins the contract.

“It’s time for the Scottish Government to rethink its plans and come up with a National Care Service that’s fit-for-purpose.”


Notes to editors

  • Tracey Dalling will be giving evidence at two Scottish Parliament committees today (Tuesday).