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thumbnail of Briefing 131 – safe staffing consultation care

Briefing 131 – Consultation on Safe Staffing Statutory Guidance: Care Services

The Scottish Government is consulting on its draft Statutory Guidance for safe staffing in health and care. The Health and ... Read More
thumbnail of UNISON Response Winter Preparedness Health Social Care Cttee July23

Winter preparedness – response to Health, Social Care & Sport Committee

This is UNISON Scotland's response to the Scottish Parliament's Health, Social Care and Sport Committee’s call for evidence[1] for the ... Read More
thumbnail of FINAL 22 06 23 Paraprofessional survey

Survey Report on Social Work Paraprofessionals

Our survey confirms that social work paraprofessionals are increasingly carrying out the roles of qualified social workers but without the ... Read More
thumbnail of LG Overview Report Policy Briefing 126 2023

Briefing 126 – Local Government Overview Report 2023

This briefing is on the May 2023 Audit Scotland Local Government Overview report for the Accounts Commission. The report looks ... Read More
thumbnail of Final Occupational Therapists briefing May 2023

Briefing 125 – Occupational Therapists and a National Social Work Agency

This briefing is about the intended remit of the proposed National Social Work Agency. This remit includes workforce matters and ... Read More
thumbnail of Final NSWA Bargaining briefing 2023

Briefing 124 – A National Social Work Agency

The Scottish Government proposes to create a National Social Work Agency. It would sit within government as part of a ... Read More
thumbnail of NCS Stage 1 Committee conclusions briefing

Briefing – National Care Service Stage 1 Committee conclusions.

Holyrood Committees have been looking at the National Care Service (Scotland) Bill ahead  of the Stage 1 vote on the ... Read More

Scotland’s National Care Service Bill – social work webinar

The proposals by Scottish Government for a National Care Service are heading towards the Bill's first reading in March. UNISON ... Read More
thumbnail of Final Briefing Social Work NCS survey 2023

Briefing 121 – National Care Service Bill: Verdict of Social Work Staff

This briefing looks at the results of UNISON's survey of social work members in which we asked for their views ... Read More
thumbnail of FINAL 080223 NCS and social work report (003)

National Care Service Bill: the Verdict from Social Work Staff

The National Care Service Bill proposes the biggest change to social work services in over 50 years. It transfers statutory ... Read More
thumbnail of Unison week 343

UNISON Week 343 – NHS and social care in crisis and more

UNISON Week 343 - NHS and social care in crisisand more ... Read full newsletter here ... Read More
thumbnail of Members brief Pensions NCS

Briefing for UNISON Members: Pensions and the NCS Bill

This briefing is for UNISON members who work in social care and social work. It explains what the National Care ... Read More
thumbnail of Pensions NCS e-briefing

Staff Pensions and the National Care Service

The creation of a National Care Service could mean around 75,000 council employed social care and social work staff transferring ... Read More
thumbnail of UNISON Scotland NCS Bill guide

National Care Service Bill – A brief guide

The Scottish Parliament is currently considering the National Care Service (Scotland Bill). UNISON Scotland has prepared a short guide to ... Read More
thumbnail of UNISON response Pre Budget Scrutiny Health Social Care Cttee Aug 22

Health, Social Care and Sport Committee Pre-Budget Scrutiny 2023-24

This is the UNISON Scotland response to the Scottish Parliament's Health, Social Care and Sport Committee's Call for Views as ... Read More

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