STUC Congress 2015

Ayr RacecourseSTUC 2015
We reported on all the UNISON speakers on the main issues every day at the 118th STUC Congress in Ayr from 20-22 April. Reports also appeared in Scotland inUNISON’s May issue. For an overview of the whole Congress go to the STUC website.

Catriona Beveridge

Call to improve access to GPs

The STUC will lobby for GPs to be more available to patients to reduce pressure on emergency and other front-line, ...
Gordon McKay

Pay success needs unions to work together

The reason the Tories can justify five years of pay cuts for public service workers is simple according to UNISON’s ...
Sam Macartney

Let’s show the Palestinian people why Scotland supports them

The STUC was uncompromising in its backing for a comprehensive arms embargo on Israel until it ends its violations of ...
Priscilla Maramba STUC 2015

STUC drive to improve equality

“Ensuring that an organisation reflects the community which it serves is clear proof of its commitment to equality and inclusion,” ...
Stephen Smellie

Defending Rojova’s democracy and gender equality

The STUC sent solidarity and support to the people of Rojava and Kobane and pledged to lobby the Government to ...
Jane Carolan

TTIP needs international response

The STUC in Ayr heard a stark warning from UNISON’s Jane Carolan that the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) ...
Priscilla Maramba STUC 2015

Only hope for BME workers lies in their unions

First time delegate and speaker, UNISON’s Priscilla Maramba, told Congress that ConDem austerity has worsened the plight of BME workers, ...
Martin Murray

Stop fracking and lobby for sustainable energy

Delegates backed a Fife TUC call to oppose fracking and underground coal gasification (UCG) until their potential impact on local ...
Pat Rowland

Climate change and fuel poverty are urgent challenges

The STUC will work with NGOs and trade unions internationally to press for a Just Transition as part of a ...
Dave Prentis and Kobane

Prentis sends solidarity to Kobane

UNISON General Secretary Dave Prentis took time out at the STUC conference today to visit the Kurdistan Solidarity stall along ...
Carol Ball

Quality child care needs a valued workforce

The STUC will work across the early years sector to ensure that all parents have access to free, universal and ...
Mark Ferguson

Care workers deserve living wage

The STUC endorsed UNISON’s Ethical Care Charter and committed to campaigning for a living wage for all care workers in ...